Just How Can An Industrial Centrifuge Be Used?

Just how can an industrial centrifuge be used? That’s the question I keep asking myself lately. I’ve actually become the owner of a dozen industrial centrifuges, and I think they might actually still be operational.

I am a real estate investor who normally buys residential homes and flips them. Sometimes I deal in commercial properties too. At the last auction, I decided to branch out a little and actually bought a factory whose manufacturer had gone out of business.

At the time I had no intention of doing anything industrial, as I knew the land value would far exceed the cost of demolishing the building and I could get it rezoned. But when I walked with a contractor, we were shocked to discover the place might still work as is!

I had to do some checking to learn how industrial centrifuges can be used. Apparently they are basically designed to separate fluids and particles. When in full operation, the centrifugal force they generate can be the equivalent of hundreds to even thousands of times the typical gravity of our planet Earth. The principle they work on is called “Stokes Law” by scientists and engineers.

A scientist or engineer I am not, but I did wonder if anyone out there might be wanting to rent this property from me or at least buy the industrial centrifuges. I was also concerned about how to repair a centrifuge and how much it would cost. As fascinating as the science is behind them, the practical applications are what can help me find clients.

It could be an interesting journey. Specialists that I’ve talked to that know about these things say that there are approximately 200 different industrial applications that centrifuges can be put to use for. That’s a potential advantage to making a sale. A huge potential disadvantage is that these things are not produced en masse. Many of them are actually OEM equipment designed for specific processes, but maybe not all 200 plus.

So I have a factory full of custom equipment that could be rare enough to be worth a lot, but also rare enough that there’s no demand or market for it. After all, the previous owner of this factory did go under and disappear. Still, I’m close enough to the Gulf Coast and all its refineries and oil wells that I’m willing to bet these industrial centrifuges have a future home somewhere.

I’ve even got a buddy in biodiesel that says he might be able to use them. He loves re-purposing old equipment as part of his recycling and save the Earth mantra.

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