The Business of Web Design

Web design as a business can be very rewarding. Whether you’re helping a small local start up with their initial online presence or putting together a large e-commerce store web design can be a very worth while venture. Many new companies have opened up in the past few years who provide website design as a service.

These companies offer bespoke web design of a very complex nature while others offer out of the box simpler solutions on platforms like WordPress. The opportunity in business is to find the audience you want to serve and have the solutions that they want to buy. If you want to work on large projects using complex design and coding skills then it may be best to just offer this and not work with the small local businesses who have restricted budgets and just want simple sites that they can edit themselves.

By selecting which aspect of the market you want to serve you will have a much better chance of being seen as an expert to that segment of the market specifically because you don’t offer solutions to other areas of that same market. An example of this is Kreatif Design who are a website designer in Reading and specifically avoid working with small start ups and instead focus on positioning themselves as the go to agency for the larger, more expansive companies who need a very unique look and feel to their web presence and are able to pay more for that benefit.

Even if you offer other services it is still best for your business to be perceived as a specialist in a market that you want to work in, whether that’s because you like working with those customers or because it is very lucrative to work in that space. Business specialists will always tell you that the riches are in the niches and that if you serve a very specific target market well you will be positioned as the experts to that segment of your market and then your business will grow very nicely.

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